The sportswear company became the latest to react to the ongoing incident

Sportswear company Adidas has become the latest major brand to suspend their relationship with Russia, after they cut ties with the Russian Football Union (RFS) amid the nations invasion of Ukraine.

Moscow attacked their neighbouring Eastern European nation last month, in a move that has sparked widespread condemnation and serious political, economic and sporting sanctions.

Now, in the wake of several other major businesses splitting from their associations with the country, Adidas – a long-time partner of the RFS – has followed suit.

Adidas confirmed that they would be suspending their relationship with Russias official governing body going forward.

They become the latest major business to either sever ties entirely with the Putin regime or at the very least put them on ice.

The continued list of sporting sanctions against Russia is only likely to grow amid the current crisis, with the country already suspended from international football following an initial outcry over their continued participation under a new identity.

In addition, Russian teams have been barred from European competition, with Spartak Moscow effectively eliminated from the Europa League by the decision handed down by UEFA.

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