K138 provides worldwide famous Live Casino games including Baccarat, Roulette Sic bo and more. This time, K138 has cooperated with Asia Gaming, launching the most exciting live casino game.

K138 gives users a completed platform to enjoy various kinds of live casino games safely !

Come with K138 Casino to experience AG’s blood-pumping games. You’ll feel like being in a real casino with beauty dealers around you !

The Malaysia famous Live Casino Room
AG Casino provides players with numerous special live casino games, including VIP Baccarat Exclusive Reserved Table Service and Interactive MiCard Baccarat. These attentive service offer players much more excitement in AG’s room.

AG Casino room Special VIP Baccarat Casino
Users can try a various kind of function in VIP BACCARAT, including turning over cards, finesse (it’s The Open without bets), changing Baccarat brand boots (players can change brand boots after thirty runs), and controlling the game speed, or even changing dealers. All the interesting playing methods are here in AG, and we’ll be happy to host you!

Live Games Unique AG MiCard Baccarat Casino
K138 and AG Game Room has launched the latest playing method in Asia – MiCard Baccarat. The player who places the biggest bet would have the right to take a peek at cards; besides, Gorgeous dealers will chat with you during the game. It’s sure that AG will bring you a memorable gaming experience!

AG Casino Room Online Sci Bo
Love various game choices, or higher odds? K138 Casino recommends you AG Casino Sci bo games. This game is popular in Asia for its faster pace. AG offers live stream Sci bo games, which increases the excitement of the game. AG will make everyone enjoy it!

As a great online casino, K138 has actively cooperated with many game developers, building all kinds of game rooms. This time, AG offers not only live casino games, but also slot games.

Don’t be hesitated, and come with K138 online casino to enjoy blood-pumping AG Video Game Room !

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