The midfielder believes that there is still some way to go before equality is reached in the German game

Bayern Munich captain Lina Magull has called on the German FA to do more for womens football, affirming that they need to show “courage” in order to make the game grow.

Magull lifted back-to-back Champions Leagues with Wolfsburg in 2012-13 and 2013-14 and more recently helped Bayern take the Bundesliga crown last season, their first title in five years.

Her talents have also been recognised at international, where she is a regular fixture in the Germany team.

“Since the DFB is responsible for the womens Bundesliga, they obviously have a duty to ensure that everything goes more positively.But I also know that the association is making great efforts,” the 27-year-old midfielder signalled to Spox.

“Ultimately, however, it is the facts that count.And the facts are unfortunately not as positive as we all imagined.Its a difficult business and then you need those responsible who can initiate the big steps.

“There is little point in addressing things publicly but not initiating certain processes internally.Especially since the focus is still on the mens area and we are not treated equally there.Coronavirus also didnt play into our hands in such a way that the DFB could now go full throttle.

“Should the DFB have been more courageous? That would of course have been desirable, but I dont know exactly why.We only notice that it works well in other countries because people invest, because they are interested in womens football and because they see that its worth it.

“I dont know why this is still such a problem in Germany.We players try our best, were always evolving and thats why I dont understand why we dont have our full support, approach the issue properly and not just talk about it.”

When asked whether she would consider lining up in the English Womens Super League, Magull acknowledged that she was open to the idea.

“Of course its a thought to gain international experience.This is definitely a beautiful life experience for you personally,” she added.

“It would also be interesting to see how things are going abroad and whether everything is really as great as it is made out to be.I am well aware that all that glitters is not gold.

“Im also very happy in Germany, regardless of football.I see the state and especially the city of Munich as worth living in and Im in a top club that still has a lot of potential.We have international players here, which speaks for us because we are interesting beyond Germany.

“But I have still thought about going abroad from time to time.England was in talksbut the country as such doesnt appeal to me as much as, for example, a southern [European] country.

“Im trying to look at whats best for my life overall.But its important for me to emphasize that I like it very much in Germany and I hope that womens football will improve here.”

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