The BBC has issued an apology for not challenging Martin Tyler when he appeared to refer to the Hillsborough disaster as a “hooligan related incident”. The Sky Sports commentator made the comments on the Radio 4 Today news programme on Friday morning.

In 1989, 97 Liverpool supporters were unlawfully killed while attending an FA Cup semi-final match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest in Sheffield due to police negligence.

Despite this ruling in 2016, incorrect assertions that drunken supporters were to blame for the tragedy have continued to proliferate.{“type”:”fcplayer-semantic”,”data”:{“embedCode”:”//″}}What did Tyler say about the Hillsborough disaster?

“Youve got to remember that football was in a bit of a crisis at that time. We werent that long after Hillsborough and other hooligan related issues as well. So it was very much a difficult time for the game generally,” he said. How have the BBC reacted?

“We regret that we did not robustly challenge Martin Tyler on a comment which appeared to link Hillsborough and hooliganism,” a statement read.

“Martin has since apologised for the comment and clarified that these were separate examples, and he did not intend to conflate the two.”If anyone should know better, its him

GOALs Liverpool correspondent Neil Jones gives his view on Tylers comments

When will people learn? When will people understand that their words have consequences, and that when discussing something which caused so much distress and pain, they should choose them far more carefully?

Martin Tyler is not the first person to do something like this, and sadly he wont be the last either, but for someone in his position, this really was a mistake that is hard to understand.

He may not have meant it to come out as it sounded – which was pretty badly – but such carelessness is unforgivable, when talking about an issue such as this.

Hillsborough families have fought for more than three decades for the truth of that day, and its aftermath, to be heard.

The hurt and upset that has been caused in the meantime is incomprehensible, and to hear one of footballs most famous commentators peddling one of the great lies of the story, on national radio, is unacceptable. If anyone should know better, its him.{“type”:”editors-picks”,”data”:{“editorsPicks”:[{“headline”:”Common Goal: Footballs most important team”,”pageType”:”ARTICLE”,”id”:”bltf1ca54d8f42c5b45″,”slug”:”football-most-important-team-five-years-common-goal-radical-social-change”},{“headline”:”The ultimate Arsenal season preview”,”pageType”:”SLIDELIST”,”id”:”bltd574b05aabcf4a7a”,”slug”:”the-ultimate-arsenal-season-preview”},{“headline”:”Man Citys best academy graduates of all time”,”pageType”:”SLIDELIST”,”id”:”blt034efe7ec157a7ca”,”slug”:”man-city-best-academy-graduates-wright-phillips-foden”},{“headline”:”Dissecting Manchester Uniteds positional battles”,”pageType”:”SLIDELIST”,”id”:”blt4d4b7b3de3bd467d”,”slug”:”man-utd-positional-battles-ronaldo-martial-maguire-varane”},{“headline”:”Ukraine crisis: How you can help”,”pageType”:”ARTICLE”,”id”:”blt81d67af08be82393″,”slug”:”ukraine-crisis-how-to-help”}]}}

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