The Dagenham and Redbridge man has had his club suspension lifted amid the news that he is to be charged

Kurt Zoumas brother has been charged by the RSPCA in relation to Februarys video that showed the West Ham defender abusing his pet cats.

The video, showing Kurt and his brother Yoan Zouma kicking the animals, caused outrage when they emerged on social media last month.

The Dagenham and Redbridge man however has had his club suspension lifted amid the news that he is to be charged under the Animal Welfare Act.

“Dagenham and Redbridge FC note the decision of the RSPCA to charge Yoan Zouma under the Animal Welfare Act 2006,” read an official club statement on their website.

“Whilst Yoan continues to fully co-operate with the RSPCA, as this matter has now progressed further, Dagenham and Redbridge FC feel it is no longer appropriate for either Yoan or the club to make any further statement.

“Dagenham and Redbridge FC maintain their position in that the club continues to condemn all animal cruelty. Since the allegation, and whilst investigations were taking place, Dagenham and Redbridge FC took the decision that Yoan should not play football for the Club.

“Four weeks have now elapsed since the incident, and the club feels that any further suspension from the team would be detrimental to both the club and Yoan. A decision has been made therefore for Yoan to be available to play.”

The West Ham player was shown to be abusing his pet kittens, as filmed by his sibling. Since then, a huge outcry has grown against the pair, from widespread condemnation to fan protests.

While Yoan was suspended however, his brother has continued to play for the Hammers, with David Moyes stating that he wanted to give him a “second chance”.

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