The Blues put out a statement calling for peace in Ukraine and the coach insists it comes from everyone at the club

Thomas Tuchel says that Chelseas statement “praying for peace” in Ukraine reflects the views of everyone at the club, including owner Roman Abramovich.

The Russian oligarch has come under scrutiny this week following his homelands military invasion of Ukraine, as he is said to have ties to president Vladimir Putin.

Abramovich said on Saturday that he is handing the day-to-day running of the club to trustees, while the club published a statement saying: “Everyone at the club is praying for peace.”

Tuchel was asked about the statement ahead of his sides Carabao Cup final clash against Liverpool on Sunday and he insisted the sentiment came from everyone, including Abramovich.

“Absolutely, absolutely it includes him and this reflects my opinion and everyone else’s opinion in the club,” he told Sky Sports.

“We haven’t had [a conversation], which is absolutely not unusual as I have had daily conversations with Petr Cech and very regular conversations with Marina [Granovskaia].

“They’re both in charge of football and my understanding is they will stay in charge so that will not change a lot for me.

“I did also not say that it was difficult, just it was a distraction because, of course, we’re aware, we’re watching the news, and people are concerned and like we said we are also a bit shocked of the situation in the Ukraine.”

Former Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech, who is now a technical and performance advisor at the club, admitted that Russias invasion of Ukraine has caused a distraction at Stamford Bridge.

“We cannot deny that there is a conflict and war in Europe that is affecting everybody,” he said to Sky Sports.

“Every human being has their thoughts with those affected and it is the same at our club. We obviously hope that the situation will be resolved as soon as possible.

“As a club we prepare the game and try to do things as normal, but it is a distraction, not only for the players but everyone around the world.”

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