The midfielder appeared to extend his arm to the ball late in the second half but video review determined otherwise

Everton were left furious after Manchester City midfielder Rodri avoided a costly handball late in the second half of their Premier League clash on Saturday.

With nobody around him, the 25-year-old appeared to extend his arm to the ball in the box.

However, the call on the pitch of no penalty was upheld by VAR review as Manchester City maintained their 1-0 advantage.

The handball appeared straightforward, however the Premier League has said there was not conclusive evidence that the ball struck the illegal area of Rodris arm.

Richarlison was slightly offside in the build-up before the incident, but that was not a factor in the decision.

Premier League clarify that the VAR team didnt think there was conclusive evidence that the ball hit Rodri more in the red area of the arm than the green. Nothing to do with offside

In his post-match press conference, though, Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola indicated he thought the decision was related to Richarlisons position in the build-up.

“It was offside,” he said. “There was VAR and the action was offside. I didnt see the image.”

In any case, Everton came away furious with assistant Ashley Cole being booked after the match for confronting the referees.

The decision couldnt have been more important for both ends of the Premier League table, as a draw would have been devastating for Manchester Citys title ambitions but crucial for Evertons hopes of avoiding relegation.

With the 1-0 victory, Manchester City have gained a six-point edge over Liverpool with one more match played. Everton are in 17th place.

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