The 42-year-old has stepped down from his position with the Russian Premier League club

AndriyVoronin has terminated his contract as assistant manager at Dynamo Moscow amid Russias ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Former Liverpool striker Voronin has spent the last two years working as a number two on the Dynamo bench, having initially moved into coaching after hanging up his boots back in 2015.

The 42-year-old, who also won 75 caps for Ukraine, has now left the club out of support for his country as they continue to try and fight off Russian military forces.

Dynamo have released a short statement confirming Voronins departure, which reads: “Football club Dynamo and assistant head coach Voronin reached an agreement to terminate the contract by agreement of both parties.”


Voronin, meanwhile, told BILD of his decision to step down: “I could no longer work in the country that is bombing my homeland.”

The Ukrainian, who travelled to Germany with his family after war broke out last week, also had some choice words for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Asked what Germany can do to help Ukraine, Voronin replied: “Stop that son of a b*tch Putin, help the refugees.And send weapons so we can defend ourselves.Im so proud of our country.We have beautiful cities, great people.

“We will keep fighting.And we will win.But the price is so high.All the dead… We live in the year 2022 and not in WWII…”

Voronin also opened up on the distress he and his family endured while fleeing Moscow, and outlined his desire to aid Ukraine in any way he can as the conflict continues to rage.

“We got out of Moscow before it was completely blocked,” he said. “We couldnt land in Dusseldorf so we flew via Amsterdam. My father, my mother-in-law, my wife and my children are here now.

“Ive been unwell for four days. Really bad. When I see all the pictures from my homeland. When I see the news. Its all as unreal as a movie. But a horror film.

“I just want to help.With money.Whatever… And I dont know if I should say it: But if I were in Ukraine right now, Id probably have a gun in my hand too.”

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