The forward responded to a Twitter troll during a Q&A on Tuesday

During a Twitter Q&A, former Manchester City and Barcelona star Sergio Aguero responded to criticism from an anti-vaxxer, saying hes not sure if covid or the vaccine influenced the heart issues that ultimately ended his career.

Aguero was forced to retire in December due to a heart condition, having played just five games for the club, with the 33-year-old forward recently opening up about the initial scare of learning about his ailment.

The Argentine opened the floor for fans to ask questions on Tuesday and, when called a coward by an anti-vaxxer on Twitter, Aguero explained that he isnt sure what caused his premature retirement.

While answering questions on Tuesday, Aguero was criticised by someone who believed the vaccine caused the strikers heart issue.

“Youre a stupid coward who makes a joke of how the experimental inoculation left you with a chip in your body and screwed up your career,” the Twitter user said. “Did you tell your fans that you wont take any more doses or do you prefer to skip it…?”

Aguero, in turn, responded: “Why so aggressive? I dont know the real cause of why I had to leave football. No one knows what happened.

“Maybe it was covid, maybe it was the vaccine. The reality is that I dont know. It happened to me and now I have to take care of myself. It might have been an underlying condition that was triggered. I dont know.”

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