The Danish midfielder has opened up on his major health scare at Euro 2020 and his return to the Premier League with the Bees

Christian Eriksen has reflected on his near-death experience at last summers European Championships, confirming he “was gone from this world for five minutes”, while also looking ahead to his debut with Brentford.

Eriksen has not played any competitive football since suffering a cardiac arrest during Denmarks Euro 2020 opener against Finland back in June.

The 29-year-old had to be resuscitated on the pitch before undergoing extensive testing in hospital and being fitted with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator(ICD), and he has now opened up on the surreal experience in detail.

“I was gone from this world for five minutes until they got my heartbeat back,” Eriksen told BBC Sport.

“It is a bit out of the world experience, weird, because it did happen and I was where I was, but to see where I am now then is very weird.”

Asked if he remembers what happened before his collapse against Finland, the midfielder replied: “I can remember everything apart from the five minutes, the throw in, the ball hitting my knee and then I don’t know what happened after.

“Then I woke up with people around me and felt the pressure on my chest, trying to get my breathing back. That time I had no idea what happened then it goes through my head did something happen with my legs, did I break my back?

“Can I lift my leg up, all small things I was trying to do to see what happened then in the ambulance I heard someone say ‘how long was I out for’ and someone said ‘five minutes’ and that was the first time I had heard I was gone.”

Eriksen also expressed his gratitude towards Denmarks medical staff, his team-mates and the thousands of supporters that sent him messages during his recovery.

“The first thing is to show gratitude to the people around me,” he added. “The team-mates, the doctors first on the pitch, the team doctors and paramedics and then at the hospital to do everything and check everything and then all the messages from people to show support for me and my family It has been really lovely to see all the messages.

“I am very lucky and I have told them face to face I am very happy they did what they did otherwise I would not be here.”

Inter were forced to release Eriksen in December due to Serie A rules prohibiting players from taking to the pitch wearing an ICD, but he has been able to secure a return to the game in England.

Eriksen, who previously played in the Premier League at Tottenham between 2013 and 2020, signed for Brentford on a free transfer in January and is now targeting a regular spot in Thomas Franks squad.

“I’m not far off, it is difficult to put a date on it when it is going to happen, but hopefully in a few weeks’ time it is going to look well,” he said when pressed on when he could make his first appearance for the Bees.

“I have only been training with the team for just over a week and it takes some time to get the football fitness.

“At the moment, when the coach sees me fit and wants me to play then I’ll be able. But at the moment we just take it day by day.”

Eriksen is confident that he can rediscover his best form despite the serious nature of his medical condition and says he is already back in top condition physically.

“I wont change my style of play,” he continued. “I have had the time to be disciplined for the last six months to do extras, so even now maybe I am in a better condition than before, just the football missing.

“I feel like me so dont see a reason why I cant get back to the same level.”

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