A year on from the major racial incident, the Finnish star shares his thoughts on exactly what happened

Rangers star Glen Kamara has revealed he still receives racist abuse, as he opened up on the incident between himself and Ondrej Kudela last year.

Kamara and Kudela clashed during a match between Rangers and Slavia Prague in the Europa League last year in a major bust-up.

Bans were handed out as things got physical but the racial abuse cut far deeper, with the Finnish player getting plenty of support after the incident.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Kamara said: “Yeah, [I still get abused]. Lets say theres any kind of news that comes out about me or him [Kudela] or something – theyll tag me or DM me.

“Its every now and then, its probably way less than it was before but, yeah, they still pop up and message me or comment on my pictures or whatever. That incident, Ive definitely got to live with it.

“I dont want to say I have nightmares, but yeah Ive thought about it, more so maybe like when people ask me or when I would go back to London.

“For example, like people might not recognise me as a Rangers footballer and they recognise me because Ive been racially abused.

“I remember going back to one of my friends burger shops he owns and a guy came in and he was looking at me a couple of times and he was like: youre that guy that got racially abused. I was like: Yeah, yeah, thats me. But he didnt recognise me for football, he recognised me for that situation.”

Kamara accused Kudela for racially abusing him during the match, with the latter being handed a 10-match ban for racist behaviour and the former was given a three-match ban for punching the latter.

Kudela never fully admitted to the racial abuse but did apologise, and Kamara since has insisted what he said happened is true while saying that a teammate heard it happen too.

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