Live casino games are one of the most fun games you will ever find at any online casino. The fact that you are playing games in real-time makes the experience much different from games like slots that aren’t live. K138 has a wide variety of well-built live casino games that you can play on their website at any time of the day.

K138 as a casino website

is well-built and organized, making it easy to find the games you love and navigating through the different web pages. To play live games, simply click the “CASINO” option on the website’s main menu. A new web page will be open, and it will have all the different game providers and a few other basics of the games.

  • Asia Gaming
  • Allbet
  • Gameplay
  • playtech
  • Dream Gaming
  • Ebet
  • Opus Casino
  • Oriental Game
  • Sexy Casino
  • Big Gaming
  • SA Gaming
  • WM Casino

Live Casino Game Software Providers in K138

One of the reasons why the live casino games on K138 are exciting is because these games are provided by the leading casino software vendors in the world. The brands that K138 works with have a reputation for delivering games with good graphics, creative animations, well-chosen colors, and engaging sounds that altogether make the playing experience memorable.

Besides the quality games, these brands are also Licensed by some of the most trusted online casino regulators to ensure the games they provide meet the minimum fairness standards. Some of the popular brands that provide live casinos games on this website include the following;


it is another gambling software provider that has been around since 1999, so they have experience in this industry. They are known for working on some of the best live dealer games. PlayTech takes advantage of the tech tools available to create some of the most well-built games that you will find at any online casino.

Asia Gaming

It is considered one of the best online casino vendors in Asia. Most of the games they build are inspired by the ancient Asian culture, which is one of the reasons many Asian players love playing their games. They are one of those casino software providers that focus on giving the customer the best playing experience with every game they work on.

Evolution Gaming

This casino software provider is one of the best and has been around since 2006. It is famous for developing some of the top online casino games. Their experience in the industry has made it easier for them to determine the features players need and how best to implement them into their games. Their games are also responsive, which makes the playing experience on mobile devices great.

Other casino software brands that work with K138 include; GamePlay, Pragmatic Play, Dream Gaming, GD Gaming, VM Casino, EBET Casino, and Allbet Gaming.

K138 Bonus and Promotions for Live Casino
Besides the well-built games, you will find on this website, you will also have a chance of winning lots of bonuses and other freebies that include the latest gadgets. With Live casino games, every new player can win up to a 100% welcome bonus after making their first deposit. For more details about all the promos at 13K8 casino,

please check out their Promos page.

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