The Old Lady confirmed the investigations were officially over as theyre seemingly cleared of any wrongdoing

Juventus have officially announced the termination of the investigation that was going on in regards to their accounting.

Whispers had grown that the Italian giants somehow manipulated figures in order to ensure the club was running smoothly.

Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldos sale to Manchester United was under the microscope as part of the investigation.

Juventus wrote on their official website: “Juventus Football Club S.p.A. (“Juventus” or the “Company”) informs that tonight it has received, together with 10 other Italian football companies and respective senior managers, a Comunicazione di conclusione delle indagini (Communication of termination of investigations) from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office before the F.I.G.C. (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio) with regard to the valuation of the effects of certain transfers of players’ rights on the financial statements and the accounting of gains, following the segnalazione (report) by Co.Vi.So.C., for the postulated breach of article 31, paragraph 1, and articles 6 and 4 of the Codice di Giustizia Sportiva (Sport Justice Code).

“The communication notified, concerning certain transfers completed in the financial years 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21, does not constitute the exercise of the disciplinary action by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

“The Company will now have access to the records and articulate its defenses in accordance with the terms set forth in the code and trusts it will be in a position to demonstrate the correctness of its conduct.”

Juventus were accused of falsifying their accounts and so Italian authorities launched an investigation to find out exactly what was going on.

Juventus were fully cooperative in the process of the investigation as they insisted they did nothing wrong.

This isnt the first time the Italian giants have been involved in a scandal, with the infamous Calciopoli scandal resulting in them being stripped of of their Serie A title at the time and being relegated to Serie B.

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