GOAL has what you need to know about the different London derbies and the fiercest rivalries

The capital city of London is home to not just an endless array of world-famous monuments and landmarks, but also to several high-profile football teams.

The likes of Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and West Ham all call London home, which allows for several derbies between London-based clubs. The intensities vary with geographical proximity and history, with the North London derby particularly incendiary.

GOAL has what you need to know about the different derbies in London, which teams are involved and more.

Since London is such a large and sprawling metropolis, it is only natural that it is the base to several big clubs. Not all London clubs have derbies with each other, and the most intense derbies are between clubs who are located in close proximity to one another based on which region of London they are based in.

The North London derby, for example, comprises of Arsenal and Tottenham, while the North West London derby is contested between Arsenal and Chelsea and Tottenham and Chelsea.

The East London derby consists of West Ham and Leyton Orient. West Ham and Chelsea are also known to have an intense rivalry despite not being geographically close.

The West London derby involves Chelsea, Fulham, Queens Park Rangers and Brentford.


Teams involved

North London derby

Arsenal, Tottenham

North West London derby

Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham

South London vs East London derby

Millwall, West Ham

East London derby

Leyton Orient, West Ham, Dagenham & Redbridge

South London derby

Charlton Athletic, Millwall, Crystal Palace, AFC Wimbledom

West London derby

Brentford, Chelsea, Fulham, Queens Park Rangers

The most intense London derby is considered to be the North London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham.

The two stadiums are both located in North London, just 4 miles (6.4km) away from one anotherin close proximity.

There have been more than 200 meetings between the pair, and derby days in North London are very hotly-contested and impassioned affairs; the winner gets bragging rights in saying that either North London is red (Arsenal win) or North London is white (Tottenham win).

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