Brazil legend Ze Roberto recently called the Portugal international the best player in the world right now

Bernardo Silva will never win the Ballon dOr due to his understated nature, according to Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola.

Brazilian icon Ze Roberto recently named Silva as the best player in the world at present.

But while Guardiola claims he does not know if that is truly the case, he was full of praise for a player he says “can play in six positions”.

“Coming from Ze Roberto, I like it because he was one of my favourite players when playing in Germany,” Guardiola told Sky Sports. “He was still a top quality player at 40.

“I dont know if Bernardo is the best player in the world and I dont care. What I see is an incredibly nice guy. It is a joy to work with him. Offensively and defensively, he can do everything that you can do.

“[But] he is never going to win the Ballon dOr because you have to be on social media, you have to not just win but score a lot of goals and Bernardo does not have that quality.

“If one day it will happen I would love it, I would be happy for him like any other player that we have here that one day would win the Ballon dOr.

“I would be more than grateful to experience that award with him. For me, as a manager, he can do everything.”

Silva has played in a variety of positions across the frontline and midfield this season, contributing 10 goals and four assists over 37 appearances in all competitions.

However, Guardiola was quick to add that statistics dont tell the full story of a players form.

“I would say [mentality] is more important right now than the tactics. The tactics after six years together, we know exactly what we have to do. It is about more up here,” he said, pointing to his head.

“As a manager you need time to know the players. You see the players before signing. The skills you know. But you have to live with him, adapt my way of conducting, adapt to him, and the way we play, a different country, house, family, there are many things involved.

“Because when we are talking about statistics, I make a plan, the videos showing to play this way or that way, where are the emotions there? Does the big data show me the emotions? Does it show me what that player is feeling in that specific moment in the game?

“Emotions are everything in life. In football, especially.”

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