The Red Devils were sunk almost without trace in one of their biggest matches of the season, with their two ex-stars seeing their loss as unacceptable

Manchester United gave up in their derby loss to Manchester City, claims Roy Keane, while former team-mate Gary Neville branded their performance a disgrace in their 4-1 defeat.

The Red Devils were humbled by their cross-town rivals in one of their crunch clashes of the second half of the season, with Ralf Rangnicks side blown out of the water by Pep Guardiolas hosts.

A lone goal for Jadon Sancho in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo could not compensate for another sluggish United display, with several key stars shrinking on the biggest stage again – and post-match, Keane had several choice words to describe their apparent attitude.

“The worst thing that you could say about United is that they gave up,” the former midfielder told Sky Sports. “In any game if you give up, its unforgivable really. The beauty of top-level sport is that theres no hiding place.

“We saw all of Uniteds shortcomings today. Man City were very good in the second half but there are ways to lose football matches. Youve got players not putting in performances and players not running back. They stopped running and they gave up. I dont understand it.

“The manager will be criticised about his tactics, but players not running back when youre playing for Man Utd is really unacceptable. They threw the towel in, which is shameful.”

Keane added: “Whos running that dressing room? These guys seem more bothered about, ‘How am I looking? How’s my hair looking? Are my boots nice?’ You leave your ego at the door when you play for Man United.

“Im looking at the United fans and theyre not daft. Theyre watching their team and seeing theyre not fighting. There are no excuses.

“There will be statements, I have no doubt, over the next few days but we all know who will making them through their teams and on Twitter and all that nonsense. I dont care about any of that.

“Its what you say on the pitch that matters.”

Under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, United often rose to the challenge presented by their typically superior neighbours over the past few seasons, but in his first and likely only derby, Rangnick failed to coax the best from his side.

Neville had plenty of praise for Guardiolas hosts, but stressed that the performance of the visitors at the Etihad Stadium was unacceptable, adding: “At the end of the game, Manchester United finished like an absolute shower.

“They were a disgrace in the last 25 minutes. Its the first time Ralf Rangnick has taken them against a proper team and they have been given a proper doing.”

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