The midfielder has defended his squad after a 4-1 defeat to Man City

Manchester United midfielder Scott McTominay has responded to pundit claims that his side were a “disgrace” and didnt try hard enough in a 4-1 loss to Manchester City on Sunday.

Gary Neville and Roy Keane bashed the Red Devils, and McTominay was asked about their comments after the match.

While the 25-year-old admitted the defeat “hurt”, he feels disappointed that people are questioning Uniteds effort level.

“From my point of view, on the pitch, its hard to see whats going on around you but if thats what people are saying then so be it,” McTominay said on Sky Sports.

“Theyre all entitled to their own opinion but, for myself, its incredibly disappointing if people think that.

“Ill have to watch it back and see body language and things like that but, for myself, it hurts. If you give a team like that all the time in the world in the second half, youre gonna get punished. Its as simple as that.”

“They were a disgrace in the last 25 minutes,” Neville said. “Its the first time Ralf Rangnick has taken them against a proper team and they have been given a proper doing.”

Keane, meanwhile, chimed in by saying “they gave up”.

He added: “They threw the towel in, which is shameful. Whos running that dressing room? These guys seem more bothered about, ‘How am I looking? How’s my hair looking? Are my boots nice?’ You leave your ego at the door when you play for Man United.”

Neville and Keane have had goes at Manchester United all season, often slamming their body language and effort.

Against Manchester City, however, it may have been a matter of a talent disparity – as Ralf Rangnick has argued.

The Red Devils are currently 22 points behind Manchester City in the Premier League table.

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