Amid turmoil sparked by the latest wave of sanctions arising from the Ukraine-Russia crisis, the German has given his thoughts on the matter

Jurgen Klopp has offered his support to Chelseas players, staff and supporters following the sanctions imposed on owner Roman Abramovich.

The UK government froze Abramovichs assets on Thursday in response to Russias invasion of Ukraine in February, with the Blues owner cited as having a close relationship to President Vladimir Putin.

Ahead of Liverpools trip to Brighton this weekend, Klopp gave his thoughts on the matter and stressed that the buck stops with Putin and his actions rather than Chelsea themselves.

“There is one man who is really responsible and that’s Vladimir Putin,” Klopp said in his pre-match press conference. “I don’t know about Roman Abramovich’s role in all these kind of things.

“But over the years you could guess that maybe he is pretty close. I think what the British Government did is right to be 100 per cent honest.

“It is still not cool for the people at Chelsea and the supporters. I get that. But I think the things the Government did are right.”

Elsewhere, Klopp further expanded on his relationship with Chelsea boss and fellow countryman Thomas Tuchel.

“Thomas and I know each other but we are not that close that we chat,” he added. “Around the games, yes, but not in other moments.

“[Still], of course I feel for him and the players and all the employees at Chelsea because it’s obviously not a [nice] situation. It’s nothing they are responsible for, what happens around.”

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