The Derby manager has been approached by the Football Association after his comments in an interview this month

Wayne Rooney has been warned by the Football Association after revealing that he hoped to injure a Chelsea player during a match in April 2006.

The Football Association (FA) requested observations from the Derby manager after an interview published in theMail on Sunday this month.

English footballs governing body asked Rooney for his take on the comments, he said, and the FA has warned him about his conduct.

Rooney believes that the matter is now closed, saying to Sky Sports: “I, obviously, gave my response to the FA, theyve given me a warning and thats it, the matters been put to bed so we can move on from that.

“It is what it is. The FA…it was obviously reported, and theyve had to look into it. I got a warning. Thats it, its done, we move on. The matters closed and Im pleased with that.”

In the interview with Mail on Sunday, Rooney discusses wanting to hurt an opposition player.

“I changed my studs before the game. I put longer studs in because I wanted to hurt someone,” he said.

He then clashed with defender John Terry, leaving the defender on the floor in pain.

“If Chelsea won a point, they won the league,” he said.

“At that time, I couldnt take it. The studs were legal. They were a legal size. But they were bigger than what I would normally wear.”

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