The former midfielder took aim at the clubs current boss

Paul Scholes has taken aim at Manchester United boss Ralf Rangnick, questioning how the club ever thought hiring the German boss could be a good idea.

Rangnick was appointed as Ole Gunnar Solskjaers temporary successor, with the former RB Leipzig architect handed the reins until the end of the season until he moves into an advisory role.

But, after Tuesdays loss to Atletico Madrid that sealed the clubs Champions League elimination, Manchester United legend Scholes didnt hold back in his assessment of the manager.

“How [Rangnick] was chosen to be manager of this club, I dont know,” Scholes said on BT Sport.

“Getting a proper coach for this team is a massive thing. Theres some real talent in this squad.

“The very first thing this club needs to do to get anywhere near winning the league again is getting in a proper coach who works for this team.”

He added: “I dont know how this man was chosen to be manager of Manchester United. Not for six months, not for six weeks, not for six games.”

Even before kickoff, Scholes was talking up the importance of bringing in the right manager when Rangnick ultimately steps aside.

The former midfielder earmarked two current Premier League managers while explaining the key factor in what will make the clubs next coach successful or not.

“I would have gone for [Antonio]Conte or [Thomas] Tuchel,” Scholes said. “It looks like one might be available at the end of the season.

“Those are two top-class coaches that strike fear into players and win, which is the most important thing. United, with either one of those managers, would be much better off.

“You need a manager that strikes fear into players, Sir Alex Ferguson had that, have any of the managers since him had that? I don’t think so. It’s a special talent to have as a coach.

“Those Man City players under Pep [Guardiola], those Liverpool players under [Jurgen]Klopp, they’ll get away with nothing. These players here for the last two or three years have got away with murder.

“I’m not saying they’ll catch Man City or Liverpool. But I don’t think they’re far away from Chelsea, squad-wise, but once they get that right coach and have two or three years to build, they’ll be challenging again.”

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