The German says he is looking forward to some well-earned family time amid the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Blues day-to-day existence

Thomas Tuchel admits he is looking forward to the “best distraction” of spending time with his children during the March international break amid Chelseas ongoing off-field chaos.

The Blues are in the middle of a transitional phase exacerbated by heavy sanctions against owner Roman Abramovich in relation to the Russia-Ukraine crisis, as the Stamford Bridge outfit look for a new steward.

Tuchel has managed to keep his side focused on results on the pitch amid uncertainty over whether they can even complete the season – but speaking ahead of his sides FA Cup trip to Middlesbrough this weekend, he acknowledges he is relishing a short break from the madness of the situation.

“Yes!” the German stated when asked if he needed a break. “It is my dog and my children, there will be long walks next week in the forest around here which is beautiful and hopefully the weather stays like this.

“Doing the normal stuff, taking care of the children and taking them to school and picking them up. Being around them is the best distraction I can have. I learned to do this, I had to. I found it very hard in the beginning as a professional coach, I struggled a lot with it actually.

“To not be able to switch off, think about it night and day. Everybody needs to disconnect, breathe and see clearer. I had to learn it for myself and I am still training myself. I need to be disciplined in it and like I said my dogs and kids help as a natural source of inspiration and enjoyment to calm down. You have to take care of yourself to not get totally lost in it.

By the time Tuchel returns to lead Chelsea after a fortnight off from club action, the club may well have officially transitioned out of the Abramovich era to new ownershp – and he hopes that whoever ends up with the keys to Stamford Bridge will allow them to continue to chase silverware.

“If somebody buys a club for this amount of money, then it’s about challenging on the highest kind of level, then it’s about trophies, then it’s about winning and then its about being the best you can,” he added.

“It’s not about developing a project, it’s not about making money with the club, because for me, and who am I, I don’t know the ideas behind a buying a club or any organisation for this amount of money, because I cannot afford it and I will never be able to afford it.

“But that’s what I hope and what I think, and I think Chelsea has a club and a structure and an organization has an awful to offer, and that’s why the price is like it is.”

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