The two nations are scheduled to meet at Estadio Azteca later this month in World Cup qualifying

The United States Soccer Federation has released a statement confirming that Mexico have made the USMNT assurances over their safety ahead of their 2022 World Cup qualifying clash after the fan riot at Queretaro last weekend.

Mexican football was rocked by the ugly scenes that took place at La Corregidora Stadium on March 5 as the Liga MX fixture between Queretaro and Atlas had to be called off due to crowd violence.

The game was halted after 63 minutes as supporters fought each other in the stands and on the pitch, and it has been reported that 26 people were left injured while another 14 were arrested by police.

The shocking incident initially raised fears over whether Mexicos World Cup qualifier against the USMNT at Estadio Azteca will still go ahead on March 24.

The Mexican football federation (FMF) has contacted U.S Soccer to reassure them of their safety and as it stands, there are no plans being drawn up to postpone the contest.

U.S Soccer has pledged its support to those affected by the riots in an official statement, which reads: “As we prepare for our upcoming World Cup Qualifier against Mexico at Estadio Azteca on March 24, we want to pause to express ourthoughts over the unbearable and horrific tragedy that occurredat a league match in Queretarothis past weekend.

“U.S. Soccer has spoken to Mexican Football Federation officials, who have assured us that the U.S. and Mexicanfans,teams and players alike will safely experience one of the world’s biggestnational teamrivalries in sports, as has been the case at Estadio Azteca for past matches.

“We feel strongly that the pain resulting from the heartbreakingviolenceat Estadio Corregidorais not Mexico’s alone to bear. While we are opponents on the field of play, it’s important to remember that soccer is a global community, and our bond transcends rivalries, competition and results.

“Our thoughts are with the fans andfamilies affected, and we stand by to support our friends in Mexico within the game and beyond.”

Liga MX and the FMF announced Queretaros punishment for failing to control their supporters at La Corregidora Stadium on Wednesday.

Queretaro forfeited the game with Atlas 3-0 and will play all of their remaining home matches this season behind closed doors.

Their organised fan groups have been hit with a three-year ban from home games and a 12-month ban on away fixtures, while the club have also been ordered to pay a £54,000 fine.

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