The former midfielder, who is now assistant coach at Zenit, has yet to publicly come forward and address the conflict

The Ukrainian Football Association has called for Anatoliy Tymoshchuk to be stripped of all his awards and titles following Russias invasion.

Tymoshchuk is the most capped player in the history of the Ukraine national team, having appeared in 144 games at international level between 2000 and 2016.

The former midfielder also captained his country for four years before hanging up his boots and moving into coaching, and has served in a number two role at Zenit for the past five seasons.

The Ukrainian FA wants Tymoshchuk to be punished for his perceived silence amid the countrys ongoing military conflict with Russia by having his international caps struck off and his coaching licence revoked.

A large number of former and current national team players have come forward to oppose the war and pledge support to civilians since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion, but Tymoshchuk has now been accused of working “for the club of the aggressor”.

Ukraines FA is also calling for the 42-year-old to be stripped of the club medals he won at Shakhtar Donetsk and all-state awards and honorary titles, with a statement on its social media channels reading: “The Ethics and Fair Play Committee of the Ukrainian Football Association has made a statement about violations of the Code of Ethics and Fair Play by former national team player Anatoliy Tymoshchuk.

“Guided by Article 62 of the Disciplinary Rules of the UAF, after reviewing and verifying the information from 08.03.2022 on possible violations of the Code of Ethics and Fair Play Tymoshchuk Anatoly Alexandrovich, the Committee on Ethics and Fair Play of the UAF addresses the following.

“Tymoshchuk AA, March 30.03.1979, 2007, is a record holder of the national team of Ukraine in the number of matches held in its composition, champion of Ukraine, Germany, Russia, winner of the UEFA Champions League, winner of the UEFA Super Cup. During 2009-2013 and 2015-2017 AA Tymoshchuk played for the Russian FC Zenit (St. Petersburg) and since XNUMX he has been working in the club as a coach.

“Since the beginning of Russias military aggression against Ukraine, Tymoshchuk AA, the former captain of the Ukrainian national team, not only did not make any public statements in this regard, but also did not stop his cooperation with the club of the aggressor.

At a time when another former Ukrainian club, FC Bayern Munich (Munich), publishes statements and holds actions in support of Ukraine, Tymoshchuk AA continues to remain silent and work for the club of the aggressor.By making this conscious choice, AA Tymoshchuk damages the image of Ukrainian football and violates Clause 1.4. Part 1 of Art. 4 of the Code of Ethics and Fair Play UAF.”

The Ukraine FAs statement comes on the back of Atalanta star Ruslan Malinovskyi insisting that Tymoshchuk can no longer be seen as a legend of football in the country.

“I dont know about Tymoshchuk, you need to ask him. Hard to comment but it’s weird (why he hasn’t) – I think it’s not right,” Malinovskyi, who has won 45 caps for Ukraine, tweeted last week.

“It’s 100% the case that he’s no longer (or ever will be) a legend of Ukraine football.

“His previous achievements have been forgotten.”

Malinovskyi was among the first Ukrainian players to speak out on the invasion, as he revealed a t-shirt displaying the message No war to supporters after scoring for Atalanta in a Europa League clash with Olympiacos.

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