The former Arsenal boss proposed a changed to promote transparency

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has called for referees to wear microphones to promote transparency between players, officials and the general public.

The French legend has stirred up some controversy when he put forward suggestions for the World Cup to happen every two years instead of every four.

In his latest suggestion, he calls for referees to have microphones on so everything that happens no the pitch can be heard by all viewing the match.

Speaking on beIN Sports, Wenger said: “First of all, I would say we will certainly go through an intermediate stage, theres a need in the society and the demand for transparency, and I dont think well escape that for much longer.

“At the moment having spoken to referees that have a little bit the worry for people of speaking different languages and not being in the European cups you know that it is always simple.

“Its [VAR] always about interpretation, who did make the final decision, was it too much influence by this or that, that could open you up to more debates.

“I think referees agree at the moment to explain why they made the decision, the next step will certainly be that it becomes more completely transparent.

“Im not against it, personally Im not even against the fact that you hear about everything.

“That would be maybe the best way to cure the lack of respect for the referees is that you hear what the players say to the referees.”

Wenger went on to discuss the idea of a biannual World Cup, saying that he still supports the idea of playing the tournament more frequently.

“I dont know [if biannual World Cup will happen] because I will not decide that, but I hope yes,” he said. “But for me the highest priority is to keep the football world together, we do not want to go to war for that and it has to be intelligent compromise.

“But I would say I am a head of a programme that is called return the chance that means to help all the countries who have to develop.

“I personally know what I would like, but what people dont realise is that an average player plays four games at the World Cup, not more.

“So lets organise. I think its important for us to keep it simple easy to understand buy everybody and not create competitions that people dont know why we play them. Thats for me the main target and after that maybe give more opportunities to countries who have not the opportunity to go to the World Cup.”

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