The manager believes his goalkeeper was impeded before he gave the ball away

Mauricio Pochettino has blasted VAR, claiming Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma was fouled in the build-up to Real Madrids first goal on Wednesday in the second leg of the Champions League last 16.

Donnarumma came together with Karim Benzema before giving the ball away, and moments later the Frenchman found the back of the net.

Pochettino said the moment changed the game as it allowed Madrid to begin their comeback to win 3-2 on aggregate.

“I think the first goal changes the game,” Pochettino told Canal+. “I wonder what the VAR is doing, for me there is a foul on Donnarumma. Its a shame, because when you see the action again, its a foul.

“Afterwards, the match changed. That goal changed everything. I think its impossible not to talk about this big mistake. Its hard to accept. I wont forgive it.”

BENZEMA PULLS ONE BACK. ????Gianluigi Donnarumma wont want to watch that one back. ????

Real Madrid are back in it all thanks to the work rate of Karim Benzema ????Forces Donnarumma into a mistake then gets in the right position to finish!#UCL

“I dont want to talk about the performance,” Pochettino said before returning to the VAR controversy. “Its unbelievable to see this in 2022. I dont believe it. I think everything changed in the stadium. The players were upset about the situation, and soccer is about emotions.

“Yes, we made some mistakes after that, we have to admit it, but when there is emotion, soccer changes. Its difficult to manage a team after this kind of event. This is the worst thing that could happen to us. Its very difficult to accept this result.

“Even if we have the ability to analyze the situation. Benzema fouls Donnarumma for me. It will be difficult. We all know that Paris Saint-Germain has been chasing the Champions League for years.

“The players will be upset. These things happen. It will be difficult to change this state of mind. Yes, I think that in a moment like this, we must remember the good things. We can lose to Real Madrid, which is one of the best clubs in the world, but not in this way.”

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