A disproportionate part of the funds will go to teams in the early rounds of the competition to improve investment in the grassroots game

The prize fund for the Womens FA Cup has been increased to £3 million ($4m), the Football Association (FA) has announced.

The increase will come into effect in the 2022-23 campaign, with the funds being spread across each round of the competition.

The commitment comes as a result of the increased profile and commercial interest in the FA Cup and the FAs desire to invest more across the women’s professional and grassroots game.

The FA has promised that a disproportionate amount of the new prize money be given out in the early rounds of the competition so that teams lower in the pyramid will see the benefits of the investment.

The FAs director of women’s football, Sue Campbell, said: “I’m delighted to be able to make this announcement of increased funding for the Vitality Women’s FA Cup because it’s going to benefit so many clubs across the women’s football pyramid.

“The FA Cup, whether men’s or women’s, is the biggest and best domestic cup competition in the world, and this increased investment from The FA highlights that we want clubs competing in it to be rewarded, while also highlighting our ongoing commitment to the women’s game.

“Women’s football continues to be in a growth phase and we are always looking to make improvements and investment to drive it forward and break new boundaries. This is certainly one of the most pleasing during my time with the organisation, because I know it means so much to so many.”

The quarter-finals of the 2021-22 edition of the competition will be played on March 20.

Reigning champions Chelsea and runners-up Arsenal are still in contention to claim the title this year.

The Blues will take on Birmingham in the final eight, while the Gunners face Coventry.

Manchester City and Everton will go head-to-head for a place in the semi-finals, and Ipswich and West Ham will play out the remaining tie.

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