Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded Slot Overview

Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded is a new casino slot from Yggdrasil, where we once again get to follow a bunch of adventurous Vikings in search of the big wins. They have previously released several other slots in this Vikings Go series where the wilds certainly have been the star of the games. Where we have Vikings Go Wild and Vikings Go To Hell. This time, a much more maximized and optimized version has been created from the Vikings Go Berzerk, where several festive features have been added and where the player can win up to 25000X the bet.

It was already back in 2015 that this game provider began to create slots with these seafarers, where it quickly became a hit for many with its exciting theme, interesting features and above all lucrative gameplay that could provide big wins. There was indeed a paradigm shift when these slots began to come, where they created a constant thrill in front of the screen and Yggdrasil quickly became a name to remember. That they have now chosen to create another slot within this series is of course incredibly exciting, so let’s head out at sea and see what these Vikings have to offer this time. In a place where evil and seductive sirens lurk around and if you manage to fight them off, an exciting moment certainly awaits.

Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded is a video slot from Yggdrasil that has 5 reels, 4 rows and 25 ways to win. You can choose between making a of 0.25 and a of 50. The game’s RTP is around the average, where we have an RTP of 96%. When you spin the reels, there is an average hit frequency of 24%, medium/high volatility where the lucky player can win up to 25000X the bet.

In this adrenaline-filled gaming adventure among Vikings, we have a bunch of wonderful features to help us in the hunt for the big wins. The features are Wild Symbol, Free Spins, Fights, Wilds & Berzerks!, Gamble, Ragnarok Spin, Chest and Bonus Buy.

Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded Slot Information

The game’s design consists of a Viking theme, where we are up in the north in a very cold and icy place. You can see snow surrounding the reels which are beautifully created with large dragon pillars on each side. This is a slot that can be played on all the device’s desktops, notepads and mobiles. You create a winning combination by landing 3 or more of the same symbol types on adjacent reels starting at the far left.

The lower paying symbols consist of coins in the colors black, bronze, silver and gold. If you land 5 of the same symbol types, it gives between 1.4X to 2.2X the bet. The game’s highest paying symbols consist of four different Vikings where one has a blue war painting, a shaman, one with a red impressive beard and a leader with a mohawk. The wild symbol is again an important component in this slot, and it consists of a golden symbol with the text wild on it. The sneaky siren with the text free spin is the game’s scatter symbol and during your spins you can also land a treasure chest with exciting content that we tell you more about in the features section. Let’s find out what the features do.

Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded?

You can win up to 25000X the bet.

What features are in the slot Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded?

The features are Wild Symbol, Free Spins, Fights, Wilds & Berzerks!, Gamble, Ragnarok Spin, Chest and Bonus Buy.

Wild Symbol

The game’s wild symbol helps to create more winning combinations by substituting for other symbols. The only symbol it doesn’t substitute for is the scatter symbol and during the spins the wilds can land with multipliers of 2X, 4X and 8X.

Free Spins

If you land 3 or more scatter symbols, the Free Spins feature is activated. Depending on whether you landed 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols results in you getting different numbers of free spins and also Berzerks. The following applies:

3 scatter symbols = You get 7 free spins.

4 scatter symbols = You get 8 free spins and 1 Berzerk Viking.

5 scatter symbols = You get 9 free spins and 2 Berzerk Vikings.

Fights, Wilds & Berzerks!

When you spin the reels within the free spins feature, the Viking symbols will fight the sirens when they land. If the Vikings who fight win against these sirens, they will turn into sticky wilds for the remaining spins. As mentioned, 1 or more Viking symbols can be assigned the Berzerk mode and if they have received it, they will always win the battles against sirens. As a nice touch to these spins, the wild symbols can have their multipliers upgraded up to 8X.


If you aren’t happy with the free spins and want to gamble for more, then you can use the Gamble feature. You can then take part in 5 different levels by choosing between 2 bags, where there is a 50% chance that you unlock the next level. If you choose incorrectly, the free spins feature will end. The five different levels have the following:

Level 1 = 7 free spins

Level 2 = 8 free spins + 1 Berzerk symbol

Level 3 = 9 free spins + 2 Berzerk symbols

Level 4 = 10 free spins + 3 Berzerk symbols

Level 5 = 12 free spins + 4 Berzerk symbols

Ragnarok Spin

This feature can be randomly activated when you spin the reels in both the base and bonus game, where all the Viking symbols turn into Berzerk mode. Where this results in them winning all battles against the sirens and thus creating many wilds for that current spin.


As mentioned, you can land a chest symbol that is filled with various exciting things. It can only land on the last reel within the free spins feature and it can either give 1-2 sticky wilds, 1-3 extra free spins, 1 extra Berzerk & 1 extra free spin or double the wild multipliers for the current spin where 8X is maximum.

Bonus Buy

If you want to take advantage of the free spins feature directly, you can use the Bonus Buy feature. You then pay 75X the bet and you then land a random amount of scatter symbols that activate the bonus feature. You can get a maximum of 9 free spins & 2 Berzerk vikings through this bonus buy, but you can as before use the Gamble feature for a chance to get even more.

Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded Slot Conclusion

These Vikings do indeed go berzerk on the reels, where we get to take part in the most adrenaline-filled gaming experience to date within this Viking’s go series. Yggdrasil has chosen to optimize their previous Vikings Go Berzerk slot, where many parts of the game certainly have received a real boost. There is a higher hit frequency of 24%, where it was previously 20.9%. The game’s reel setup is the same as before, but the winning combinations created on the reels can yield significantly higher payouts. The previous version had a potential maximum win of 4000X where this version can give up to a phenomenal 25000X the bet. It is a slot that has received a boost in its gaming conditions as well as its effects. When you spin the reels, you get to take part in a wonderful moment in both the base and the bonus game.

It is really the wilds that are the star of the game, where they can land with randomly sized multipliers assigned which can be up to 8X. Already there you can get a taste of their potential to deliver bigger profits. But by activating the free spins feature, the real adventure begins. Depending on how many scatter symbols you had, you get to take part in different sized amounts of free spins and here some of the Viking symbols can get a Berzerk status. This Berzerk mode is very helpful as it results in the Viking symbol always winning their battles against the sirens, which means that they then turn into sticky wilds. More wilds, more opportunities to create winning combinations and when activated, you can put your luck on a real test. Where you have a chance to take part in 5 different levels, where the highest gives 12 free spins and 4 Berzerk Viking symbols.

These constant battles that take place between the Vikings and the sirens give extra life to the game and really create an extra excitement. To give an extra nice touch to these spins, Yggdrasil has added a Ragnarok Spin that can be activated randomly and then all Vikings will turn into Berzerk during the current spin. The chest symbol that can land during the free spins is filled with various wonderful features that truly boost the spins. All in all, this is exactly what one would expect from a sequel, where many other game providers have come up with sequels lately. Where we have, among others, Fruit Party 2, something that didn’t contain any particularly big changes and where its maximum profit was the same. This slot has got a bit of everything optimized and a real level up. Its higher potential maximum win of 25000X sets the bar high and where the dear wilds as well as Berzerk follow in this version. They top it all off with a phenomenal design and sprinkle out some extra features that create a fantastic entirety.

Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded is a slot where we once again meet the adventurous Vikings, where Yggdrasil truly goes Berzerk regarding their generosity with high max wins and entertaining features.

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